Sage X3 Customisation for Process Integration

Multinational IT Services Company deploys Sage X3 Customisation for Data Integrity in Order Management Business Multinational IT services company operating across global geographies. The customer is a United States-based multinational IT services company that has leveraged software, expert consulting, and award-winning support to empower its clients to enable their business growth. It brings together different

How a Multinational IT Services Company Achieved Customer Security Access with Sage X3 Customisation

The client is a multinational IT services company operating across global geographies. It brings together different users across its functional domains that play a very critical role in building its operations and driving revenues.   Problem Statement To track all the users from multiple functional hierarchies, their leads, sales, and other information, the client relies

How a New Invoice Type Creation in the SageX3 ERP System Led to 70% Reduction in Processing Time for a Leading Healthcare Client

The client is a leading healthcare product distributor operating in the household, OTC healthcare, and recreational healthcare products. Its operations, research, and manufacturing activities span nine countries handled by over 250 employees. The client has chosen Sage X3 for its U.S operations, which is a conglomerate of 53 small companies, focusing on the OTC (over

TrueCommerce Based Customization with SageX3 Integration Improves 120% Productivity for a Food & Beverage Customer

The client is a leading pizza crust maker annually baking more than 200 million crusts supplied to frozen pizza manufacturers, chain accounts, foodservice distributors, and specialty pizza distributors all across the USA. The client has built its reputation for its fast service, short lead time processing customer orders from its multiple manufacturing lines, each running

How a Leading Consumer Goods conglomerate Customised Sage X3 People for Payroll and HR Management

The customer is a leading consumer goods conglomerate present in over ten countries has manufacturing plants located across North America, the Middle East, and Europe. The company believes in encouraging diversity in its workforce, being a key component of its founding principles, employs a workforce of over 30k. The customer trusts Sage X3 People to

Industrial Compound Hosting Warehouse Provider Trusts Salesforce and Sage X3 Integration for their Operations

The client is one of the leading Industrial warehouse providers, offering leasing or renting out services to companies for setting up their stalls for public display. The customer has a collection of 40 huge warehouses that are open for industrial setups, art and cultural exhibits, design studios, art galleries, and private museums. The client’s marketing

How a Pharmaceutical Company Automated its Order Receiving Process Using Sage X3 Customization

COMPANY OVERVIEW The client is a leading American pharmaceutical chain dealing in Omega 3 supplements. The pharmaceutical company’s orders range from single-use home-based consumption to bulk supplies. The pharmaceutical company retails the supplements from more than 30 stores with order volumes increasing at an exponential rate. These operations are time-consuming and labour-intensive. The verification of

How A Scent Based Marketing & Branding Solutions Company Leveraged Sage X3 Customisation

Company Overview The client is a leading Scent based marketing and branding solutions company based out of the U.S. The company is a global leader in creating enhanced commercial and home-based spaces with scent-based solutions. The strategic objective of the company is to provide a superior experience to its customers. Over the years, the company’s